EODEM animation – low resolution

An animation showing how EODEM would be used to transfer data about an object from lender to borrower

How EODEM should work

How EODEM should be used to transfer data about a loan object from its lender’s database to its borrower’s database:

  • Lender
    1. Object
    2. Entered in lender’s database
    3. Lender retrieves object in collections management system
    4. Lender presses EODEM export button
    5. EODEM file created
  • Transfer
    1. Lender emails EODEM file to borrower
  • Borrower
    1. Borrower receives EODEM file
    2. Borrower opens collections management system
    3. Borrower presses EODEM import button
    4. Object record stored in borrower’s database

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