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EODEM update 4

This is a very quick post, pointing to a new presentation describing recent progress on EODEM, and welcoming a new software vendor to the list of those developing EODEM integrations.

First, the presentation: I gave a quick update on the project at Dealing with complexity, Collections Trust‘s 2021 Annual Conference. Here’s the video:

Second, the vendor. The news was too late to be included in my pre-recorded presentation, although I was able to add it to the online chat during the conference. I’m delighted to announce that Gallery Systems are working on integrating EODEM with their TMS collections management system. Unlike most other vendors, they’ve decided to start work with the more difficult of the two possibilities, an EODEM importer; once they’ve cracked that, they plan to start work on an exporter. (You can see a full list of vendors working on EODEM integrations on the CIDOC website.)

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