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EODEM update 7 – public beta

I’m delighted to announce that the Exhibition Object Data Exchange Model (EODEM) public beta was released today, 22 May 2022, with an announcement made during a workshop for software vendors at the 2021 [sic] CIDOC conference. Specification files can be accessed via the project’s pages on the CIDOC website.

We now hope that vendors and suppliers of museum collections management systems and related software will help us test the model by starting to implement EODEM exporters and importers in their software. As well as the resources available form the specification page, you can obtain support via email, and we have a (currently very quiet) Slack workspace. And if you wish to get more involved in the finalisation of the standard by joining our monthly meetings, please get in touch with me via the contacts page on this site.

EODEM update 6

Work on the Exhibition Object Data Exchange Model, EODEM, continues, and we’ll be hosting two workshops during the CIDOC annual conference, in a few days’ time.

We invite developers and suppliers of museum collections management systems to a vendors’ workshop at 14:00-17:30 EEST on Sunday 22 May 2022. The workshop will be hybrid: both online, and in Tallinn, Estonia. It will introduce the EODEM standard, mark its formal release as a public beta, discuss the challenges likely to be met in its implementation – and hopefully identify some solutions to those challenges.

If you develop or supply collections management software for museums, we hope to see you at the workshop; if you know someone who develops or supplies such systems, please pass this information on to them. Attendance is free of charge, and is independent of attendance at the rest of the conference. To reserve a place, please contact me.

If you’re attending the conference, and would simply like to learn more about EODEM, then please come to the CIDOC Documentation Standards Working Group’s session at 16:00 EEST on Tuesday 24 May; again, this will be hybrid, both online and in Tallinn.